Sam Divine Brings The Passion With Her Latest Track, “Take My Hand”

Introducing “Take My Hand,” a soulful and enchanting house track that has been creating waves of excitement since its beginning in the studio.

Produced by the renowned “First Lady of Defected”, Sam Divine, and featuring the powerful vocals of Josh Barry, this track will break the dance floor.

Sam Divine, known for infusing her work with joy and passion, has poured her heart and soul into crafting “Take My Hand.” This striking house masterpiece has been carefully honed to perfection over the past 12 months, teased at her shows around the world, building anticipation for its long-awaited release.

Collaborating with the exceptionally talented Josh Barry on vocals, whose voice has graced records alongside legends like Nile Rogers and Gorgon City, “Take My Hand” elevates Sam Divine’s dancefloor-focused style to new heights.

Josh’s gliding vocal performance perfectly complements Sam’s intricate production, resulting in a heavenly blend of soulful house music that captures the essence of progressive sorcery.

The track’s mesmerizing melody and intriguing rhythms transport listeners on a euphoric journey, igniting emotions and filling hearts with sheer delight.

As the soulful vocals intertwine with the progressive beats, the enchanting fusion creates an otherworldly experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional dance music.

Listen to “Take My Hand” by Sam Divine featuring Josh Barry here now:

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