Watch Depeche Mode’s ‘Wagging Tongue’ video

Directed by Ed Kaye.

Photo Credit:  Anton Corbijn

Depeche Mode has released their latest music video for their track ‘Wagging Tongue,’ featured on their newly released album ‘Memento Mori’.

The ‘Wagging Tongue’ video is a visual masterpiece directed by Ed Kaye of Sacred-Egg with Anton Corbijn as executive producer. Shot in black and white with a square aspect ratio, it portrays two individuals engaged in various rituals, possibly depicting a couple. The piece captivates viewers with its breathtaking underwater shots and mesmerizing scenes of the couple swimming in a lake.

Kaye and Corbijn’s collaboration successfully blurs the line between a music video and a feature film, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Watch ‘Wagging Tongue’ video below and listen to ‘Memento Mori’ album here.

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