UPPERGROUND’s ‘Cyberpunk Selected’ Is A Futuristic Odyssey of Electronic Soundscapes

The highly anticipated fourth edition of the “Selected” series by the top-selling label UPPERGROUND has arrived, and it goes by the name of Cyberpunk.

This cutting-edge compilation, curated by Ukranian duo ARTBAT, is a bold testament to the label’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and exploring the frontiers of futuristic sounds.

Cyberpunk Selected gathers a stellar lineup of artists, including ARTBAT themselves, Shall Ocin, Fred Lenix, and Citizen Kain, each contributing their unique artistry to this sonic voyage.

Leading the pack is ARTBAT’s hypnotic track, “Artefact,” an enthralling journey that pulsates with rhythmic energy. Their signature flair and dark energy create an enchanting landscape that keeps listeners immersed in the music from start to finish.

Shall Ocin’s “External” makes an influential statement with its fast-paced sound design, bold textures, and emotionally fueled breakdowns. The track’s progressive elements and evolving components add profundity and intensity.

Completing the compilation, Citizen Kain’s “Ghosts and Shadows” infuses the release with a saturnine and open-minded character.

Listen to Cyberpunk Selected in full below:

Inspired by: edmmaniac.com

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