The Interior Of Las Vegas’s $1.8 Billion Venue, The MSG Sphere, Has Been Revealed

The inside of Las Vegas’s newest venue, the MSG Sphere, has been unveiled and it’s just as spectacular as its breathtaking exterior.

The $1.8 billion new performance venue in Sin City has been lauded as one of the coolest new attractions in the US. It contains an outdoor programmable LED globe-shaped wall, 17,500 seats, and the highest-resolution screen in the world.

Travelers have been marveling at the Sphere’s new exterior effects which include a spinning globe, a basketball, an eyeball, and more feats of visual programming.

But there have been very few photos and videos of the inside of the MSG Sphere, given that it won’t open for its first performance until September 29. Legendary rock band U2 will be the first to take the stage.

But a video from Las Vegas Locally on Twitter has surfaced showcasing the mind-blowing floor-to-ceiling dome of screens with only TV static displayed on them.

Midtempo artist and Space Mom REZZ retweeted the incredible inside saying, “Ya I need to play a show in there immediately,” sending fans into a frenzy imagining the wild spirals and production dance music artists could showcase.

Check out the video of the interior of the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas below:

Featured image credit Sphere Las Vegas

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