Spotify Drops “Women Of Iran” Playlist Highlighting The Sounds & Contributions Of Iranian Artists

In order to highlight the women from Iran who risk their lives and their freedom to create music, Spotify recently shared a new playlist called “Women of Iran.”

The playlist highlights the productions and sounds created by Iranian women and allies around the world. This music is powerful, passionate, and true to the intentions of the current revolution happening.

The tagline reads, “Listen to Iranian women and allies from all around the globe at full volume.”

Music in Iran has been heavily regulated since the 1979 Islamic Revolution and anyone caught creating or listening to music that was deemed “un-Islamic” could be fined, persecuted, or imprisoned. But throughout the last 40 years, music has remained a form of rebellion and freedom for those under the oppressive regime.

A black market spawned around selling physical media like CDs, and back-alley stores opened selling bootleg copies of the latest Western music.

Women are, to this day, not allowed to perform or release music solo, except for to some female-only audiences in certain parts of the country. It continues to be a source of connection between those in Iran and the outside world.

Popular Iranian artists and two who are on the playlist, Snoh Allegra and Sevdaliza, are making waves around the world, though, playing major festivals like Coachella, and accruing an audience without borders.

Others featured on the playlist include the Euro-dance track “Akhare Ghesse-The End of the Tale,” the Daft-Punk-esq French house “Tehran,” and the deep and sultry melodic pieces “Bebin” and “Banafsh.”

Listen to the Women of Iran playlist (at full volume) below:

Featured image from Unsplash credit Shahab Zolfaghari

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