Seth Troxler And The Martinez Brothers Revive Tuskegee Music With A Remix By MK

HoneyLuv and Seth Troxler have released Marc Kinchen‘s official remix of their collaboration “Sex & The City” via Tuskegee Music, marking the return of the label from a four-year hiatus as a result of the pandemic. 

“Sex & The City” draws inspiration from the timeless 1998 track “So Much” by the iconic Chicago house producer, Paul Johnson. The new remix brings together the unique styles of MK, HoneyLuv, and Seth Troxler who are masters at merging classic and modern elements. 

Seth Troxler spoke in a press release about the relaunch of Tuskegee Music, stating that the label was initially founded in 2014 by himself and The Martinez Bros. as a platform for BIPOC artists to showcase their talents. They recognized a lack of representation in dance music for their communities, leading them to create Tuskegee Music.

Seth Troxler stated, “Being from Detroit and NYC, two scenes that birthed this culture, and made predominantly for people of Black and Latino backgrounds; we felt it was our duty to launch a platform to inspire a new generation of minority house music musicians, and show these new artists that dance music was a possible path for them. The label also served as an outlet for the overlooked originals and legends, the foundation builders of the scene.”

The label’s catalog includes notable artists such as Jamal Moss, D-Knox, and William Djoko alongside the label heads until its hiatus in 2019.

Now HoneyLuv, a next-gen Black dance music icon, blends classic house roots with a modern touch and has been chosen to relaunch Tuskegee Music.

HoneyLuv and Seth Troxler have announced the upcoming release of the full EP, Sex & The City, this Spring, with limited vinyl availability. They invite fans to preview the EP with MK’s remix, which is currently available on Tuskegee Music. Listen below:

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