Ritmik Presents Toman’s Electrifying Set at KPGT, Belgrade – A Musical Extravaganza Not to Be Missed!

Ritmik brings one of the favorites from the well-known NoArt crew. Toman will perform as the star of the evening on December 1st at the legendary cultural center KPGT in Belgrade, with support from top-notch DJs: Dakman, Dakissa, and X-am.

Toman seems to be making waves in the electronic music scene, especially in the realm of house and techno. His journey from learning drums to diving into the complexities of electronic music highlights his diverse musical background. It’s impressive how he’s connected with respected labels and gained support from globally respected DJs such as Mihai Popoviciu, Archie Hamilton, Terry Francis, Roger Gerressen, Rossko, Dorian Paic, Traumer, Waze & Odyssey, Alexi Delano, Eric Cloutier, and more. His eclectic musical influences and diverse palette suggest he’s not confined to one genre, which can be refreshing in an industry often defined by strict categories. His debut EPs and performances at prestigious festivals and clubs (Berlin’s Watergate and Leipzig’s Distillery) point toward a promising path to international recognition. It seems that Toman’s work ethic, varied influences, and passion for music are propelling his progress. His mix of performances in the Netherlands and beyond reflects his growing presence on the global scene. It’s exciting to see an artist paving his way and making a mark on the international music scene.

On Friday, December 1st, joining him will be our well-known DJs and producers: Dakman, Dakissa, and X-am, along with our eminent artist and street artist TKV, who will contribute her artistic creativity to this diverse event.

Tickets are on sale at:


or the Cultural Events Base, and at the Ljubimac bar.

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