Richie Hawtin’s From Our Minds Tour Partners With Revenue Sharing Platform Aslice

Techno titan Richie Hawtin has partnered with revenue-sharing platform Aslice to give royalties to artists whose tracks he plays in his DJ sets.

Richie Hawtin is about to begin his From Our Minds tour this month, bringing warehouse rave culture to Detroit, Toronto, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Joining him are Codec Recordings founder Decoder, TOCA Records boss Jay York, Heist Mode founder Barbosa, Direct to Earth‘s Lindsey Herbert, and more.

And these supporting artists also join in supporting fair music compensation as every artist on this tour is a part of Aslice.

Aslice was founded in 2021 by Zak Khutoretsky (also known as the DJ DVS1) as a platform that allows touring DJs to share the earnings they make on the road with producers whose music was used in their sets.

The DJ uploads their playlist and indicates a shared percentage of their gig fee. Then Aslice’s technology automatically matches and distributes the percentage to producers on the playlist.

Using the playlists from the From Our Minds DJs, Aslice collected data from eight clubs, over 50 hours total, from 11 different DJs with an accuracy of over 99%.

Most of the time, producers do not earn anything other than promotion when an artist plays their music in a set. Aslice aims to help those who make records earn a living at a time when touring DJs make so much more.

Tickets to From Our Minds from Richie Hawtin are still available and can be purchased here.

All images from Richie Hawtin, featured photo credit s__mesa

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