Richie Hawtin reissues Plastikman’s ‘Sheet One’ 30th anniversary vinyl

Originally released in 1993.

Photo credit: Richie Hawtin –  Facebook

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of his debut album as Plastikman, Richie Hawtin just re-released his ‘Sheet One’ on a double vinyl edition.

This influential acid techno masterpiece has been expertly remastered on BioVinyl to provide an exceptional listening experience. The release of ‘Sheet One’ marked the start of a successful collaboration between Richie Hawtin, also known as F.U.S.E., and Mute Records. This partnership has resulted in remarkable musical contributions over the years.

Reflecting on the creation of ‘Sheet One,’ Hawtin shared his artistic journey, stating, “By experimenting with different equipment and techniques, I found my own unique direction and sound by exploring the possibilities of the Roland TB303. The pivotal initial steps were taken with the F.U.S.E. tracks ‘F.U.’ and ‘Substance Abuse,’ which were physically driven exercises inspired by the dancefloor. This motivated me to delve deeper into a more intellectual, long-form experiment, pushing my Acid style to new heights and establishing the foundation for ‘Sheet One.’

Listen to ‘Sheet One’ below and download your copy here.

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