Reinier Zonneveld Unleashes His Remix Of D-Devil’s Classic ‘Dance With The Devil’

Techno beast Reinier Zonneveld is raising hell in 2023 with the release of his scorching remix of D-Devil’s iconic hard trance classic “Dance With The Devil (The 6th Gate),” out now on Zonneveld’s own Filth On Acid imprint.

Zonneveld sets an aggressive tone in one of his most brutal tracks yet, where techno and hardcore meet in an everlasting fire of ruthless bass and striking synths.

The remix starts with great force and builds up into an even more violent banger by the finish. He embraces the original track’s demanding and demonic vocals that challenge the audience to fight through six gates which leads to a dance with the devil. 

Following the release of “Oldskool,” impressive collaborations with HI-LO “Samsara” and “Nirvana,” and his monumental remix of Mau P‘s “Drugs From Amsterdam,” “Dance With The Devil” is predicted to become another dominating weapon to destroy the dance floors in 2023.

The Filth On Acid label boss has most recently shown off his tune live at Bootshaus in Germany, and Extrema Noir 2022 in Belgium where the crowds went bloodthirsty for the track.

After being road tested across the world and baited all over Reinier’s Instagram the track has brought in massive support and high anticipation from fans worldwide. “Dance With The Devil (The 6th Gate)” is out now exclusively on Beatport and available on all other streaming platforms on February 10.

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