Premiere: 19:26 – Able To Dream [Atlant] | Premiere

ATL065 marks the Atlant return of 19:26 after his exciting debut EP ‘Last Lights From Betelgeuse’ saw plays from John Digweed, Joris Voorn, Fidele, Coeus and Atlant label boss BOg. Since then 19:26 has featured on NOTTURNA, Just This, Running Clouds and Øddity Records.

With ‘Able To Dream’ 19:26 shows just how far he’s developed as an artist over a short space of time. As always, melody is the focal point – at times uplifting and at times melancholic, often both intertwined.
Title track ‘Able To Dream’ is a dreamy melodic techno journey filled with incredible highs. The poignant hook is underpinned by floating synths while the driving bass-line creates a sense of inertia. The track gains momentum as 19:26 builds its layers before breaking down, creating a special clubbing moment. The drop enters with taste, allowing the groove and flow to continue in the room.

The dark expansive ‘Illusions’ ramps up the intensity dial by drawing you deeper into 19:26’s analogue world. Here the melody teases and hypnotises the listener, letting them get lost in the purity of the music. Perfect for DJs that like to play a longer set with extended transitions.

With this EP 19:26 again shows that electronic music can be elegant in composition and construction, while also performing its fundamental role of creating unique moments on the dance-floor.

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