Pioneer announces CDJ-3000 to stream directly from Beatport

With its new StreamingDirectPlay feature.

Photo Credit: Pioneer Official Website

Pioneer has announced that its CDJ-3000 players now support direct streaming from Beatport, thanks to the new StreamingDirectPlay feature.

To use this feature, DJs need to log into the platform directly on the CDJ-3000s. They can then browse Beatport’s catalog, as well as their own platform library, and utilize the feature on up to four CDJ-3000s at once, provided they are connected to the PRO DJ LINK network.

A Beatport Professional or Advanced subscription plan is required and there are quality restrictions based on the subscription tier. Professional is 256k AAC, while Advanced is 128k AAC.

The CDJ-3000s also support CloudDirectPlay, which connects to a user’s Rekordbox library online. The two can be combined, allowing users to mix between the two libraries.

Watch the promotional video below and visit Pioneer DJ’s website here for more details.

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