Nathan Coles, Fabric resident and member of Wiggle, has passed away

He   was 52 years old.

Photo Credit: Music is  4 Lovers

Nathan Coles, a highly influential British DJ and originator of tech house, has passed away at the age of 52. His sons Fabian and Josh confirmed the news in a statement posted on his Facebook profile, stating that the artist had been dealing with severe mental health issues and had tragically taken his own life on February 12th, 2023.

Nathan Coles was a pivotal figure in the UK’s tech house scene during the late 1990s and 2000s. As a member of the Wiggle trio, alongside Terry Francis and ‘Evil’ Eddie Richards, he held a successful residency at Fabric for over a decade and was involved in promoting Release nights with Mr. C, and many other parties, both legal and illegal, across London.

In addition to his live DJ work, Nathan had a prolific music production career, with over 200 releases on his own labels, Wiggle Records and Is This Music.

Following news of his passing, tributes have poured in from colleagues and friends in the music industry, including Mr. C, Bushwacka, and Carl Loben, among others. Nathan’s legacy will live on through his music and the memories of the many people whose lives he touched.

Listen below to Nathan’s final Wiggle mix, which he posted on his Soundcloud account two years ago.

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