Innervisions releases VA ‘Secret Weapons Part 16’

Featuring tracks from Jimi Jules, Denis Horvat, Stereocalypse, and more.

German imprint Innervisions has recently unveiled their latest compilation, ‘Secret Weapons Part 16’, packed with a diverse selection of tracks.

The ‘Secret Weapons Part 16’ compilation offers a captivating blend of electronic music, with tracks by Ivory feat. Filippo Nardini, David Kochs & John Falke, SKALA, Musumeci & Dodi Palese, Hardt Antoine, Cipy, Samantha Loveridge, Hard To Tell, Alisa Filatova, Esin, Skatman, Stereocalypse, Denis Horvat & Skarn, and Colossio & Luke Garcia.

As a longstanding creative playground for Dixon and Âme, the Secret Weapons series serves as a platform for artistic expression and musical exploration. Each installment represents a continuous journey, showcasing tracks that have made a significant impact throughout the year.

Listen to Innervisions’ ‘Secret Weapons Part 16’ below, and get your copy here.

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