Google Launches MusicFX, A New AI Tool That Converts Text Into Music

Today, Google launched MusicFX, an experimental AI tool that allows users to generate music with just a few words.

The new service comes as part of Google’s AI Test Kitchen, a platform that gives the general public a sneak peek of their latest AI technologies in exchange for early feedback from users. This, in turn, allows the company to make responsible and inclusive advancements in AI as the technology grows increasingly prevalent in today’s society.

MusicFX pulls from previously shared Google technologies, MusicLM, and SynthID, which have allowed the company to establish unique digital watermarks for each of the MusicFX AI engine’s outputs.

As such, the new technology is a critical advancement in AI, balancing the prospect of new frontiers for musicians and producers with the music industry’s ongoing desire to protect original artist works and likenesses.

In the same vein, MusicFX also comes with a significant caveat. The tool will not generate music for text inputs that mention specific artists or vocals. MusicFX also adheres to all of Google’s previously established AI principles, meaning that all data collected by the tool is stored anonymously and remains unlinked to any person’s Google account.

The anonymous but collaborative model serves as a move to improve Google’s AI technologies and eliminate inherent ethical concerns over intellectual property and copyright during the tool’s beta stage of development.

MusicFX is now available to users in the United States, Kenya, New Zealand, and Australia and has also been jointly launched with TextFX, which develops loose ideas into more concrete, fleshed-out concepts via text input.

For more information or to try out MusicFX for yourself, click here.

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