Chris Lake Weighs In On AI And Creativity In Music Production

As discussions over artificial intelligence (AI) continue to dominate forums both public and private, producers around the world, including chart-topping house music producer Chris Lake, are concerned about the role that AI will have in shaping the future of the music industry,

Lake weighed in on Twitter yesterday about AI’s creative pitfalls and provided food-for-thought for human producers – 73% of whom believe they could soon be replaced by AI, according to a recent survey from Bedroom Producers Blog.

As critical arguments contend that an overreliance on AI could lead to a saturated market where unoriginal, formulaic music makes it more difficult for talented producers to be recognized, Lake wrote the following:

“Fact is, AI is the new ‘creator’ in town, summing up our thoughts and approaches we’ve all collectively written and created over so many years. So what does that mean for creating in the future?”

Lake added:

“I do think AI should be taken seriously in the music industry, but I also am using this as a reminder (and I’m writing this to hopefully encourage other creatives to consider this thought too) that if we focus on trying new ideas (this is getting harder and harder, but I don’t think creating should just be easy), I think we can create things a computer absolutely cannot, and that is where all our energies should go towards.”

Read Chris Lake’s complete Twitter thread below.

Featured image from Chris Lake. Credit: Trey Karson.

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