Berlin’s Defunct Tegel Airport Converted Into A Brand New Nightclub

Berlin’s now-defunct Tegel Airport will soon add to the city’s legendary reputation for dance music when it becomes the German capital’s next major nightclub.

The new space, aptly named Turbulence TXL, held its free opening party, “Lift Off” on Saturday, with a collection of underground DJs including Mareena, Philipp Johan Thimm, Lisbird, Saraab, and a back-to-back from Zebra Katz and S Ruston.

After Tegel Airport closed in November 2020, organizers quickly jumped at the chance to convert the space into a new cultural venue, bringing the third edition of ambient electronic festival Sonabiente Berlin to its A and B terminals throughout September and August of 2021.

The festival hosted panel discussions, complex audio compositions and sound performances, as well as a virtual reality installation from Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huang. Altogether, Sonabiente Berlin made use of close to 1,000 loudspeaker systems across both of the terminals.

Now, in the process of building a more permanent, long-term space for art and music, Turbulence TXL will host events in the former airport’s canteen, or food court, with a comparatively smaller capacity of 700 patrons.

Now that the eight-hour daytime launch party is complete, organizers will seek to “transform the franchkantine at Tegel airport into a creative hub,” with space for live music, workshops, art installations, and of course, club nights.

Turbulence TXL has already enlisted the talents of visual artists like Caro Pepe, Paula Riquelme, Max Rübensal, and Spaoare153 to add even more character to the space.

No more events have been announced as of yet, but fans can learn more about what’s to come via Turbulence TXL’s official website.

Featured image from Turbulence TXL.

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