All Day I Dream presents ‘A Winter Sampler VI’

Featuring St. Germain, Natacha Atlas, Limara, Tombish, Bona Fide, Facundo Mohrr, Seth Schwarz, and more.

All Day I Dream, the record label runby Lee Burridge, just released their semi-annual compilation series, ‘A Winter Sampler VI’.

The imprint’s collection showcases a carefully curated collection of tracks that represent the diverse sounds within the ADID repertoire.

Featuring a talented group of artists from around the world, ‘A Winter Sampler VI’ offers a 12-track experience. From the deep collaboration ‘Threshold’ by Wassu and Bona Fide, to Nathan Katz’s serene ‘For You’, to the spiritual collaboration ‘Create The Universe’ by Seth Schwarz and Solidmind, each contribution adds a unique touch.

‘A Winter Sampler VI’ is a testament to All Day I Dream’s unwavering commitment to curating cutting-edge melodic house music from outstanding talent worldwide,” says Lee Burridge. “This compilation provides a platform for both emerging and established artists to shine, and we invite music enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in this extraordinary edition of our compilation series.”

Listen to ‘A Winter Sampler VI’ below and download your copy here.

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