A Rare Dirtybird NFT Just Sold For $150,000

One of Dirtybird’s exclusive NFTs has sold for $150,000, further proving the value of unique virtual collectibles in the music space.

Dirtybird’s NFT collection, named Flight Club and powered by Ethereum Blockchain, contains over 9,090 unique birds generated from over 250 traits including the type of body, beak, eyes, headwear, clothing, background, and branch.

The birds are all based on the original hand-drawn bird logo Claude VonStroke crafted when the underground label began in 2005. They are distinctive pieces of digital design, given new life by pop-surrealist artist, Birdcap.

This particular NFT is extremely rare and valuable, having sold for $150,000 on the platform.

Dirtybird’s NFTs contain real-life perks due to its merch line and high-demand music events. Token holders can access exclusive merch, win tickets to Dirtybird festivals like Dirtybird Campout and Dirtybird CampINN, and attend meetups for members only.

Unreleased and private music from Dirtybird artists is also available only to the community of NFT holders.

Check out the image of the rare Dirtybird NFT worth $150,000 below and buy your own Dirtybird collectible here.

Featured image from Dirtybird

Inspired by: edmmaniac.com

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