A New Survey Finds Less Than Half Of Music Producers Would Be Transparent About Using AI

A recent survey conducted by Pirate Studios—an online network of global recording studios—has found that less than half of surveyed producers would be transparent about using artificial intelligence (AI) in their music production.

Based on responses from 1,141 artists in the Pirate Studios network—hailing from the US, UK, and Germany—the survey “revealed a growing openness to AI technology within the music community.”

25 percent of surveyed musicians shared that they have already experimented with AI in music production, and another 46 percent expressed willingness to do so in the future.

However, the survey also indicated a transparency gap when it comes to AI in music production, as just 48 percent of musicians said they would “inform listeners when AI was involved in creating a song.”

As AI’s increasing role in music production continues to be a hot subject for debate, another statistic may be indicative of why many producers are hesitant to share their use of AI: 53 percent of surveyed musicians “had concerns about how their audience might perceive music created with the assistance of AI.”

Speaking about the survey’s results and artists’ concerns over AI use, Pirate Studios Co-Founder and CEO David Borrie said, “Understandably, artists are hesitant about adopting AI in the studio, and also hesitant about broadcasting their use of this controversial new technology.”

“It’s useful to look back at the introduction of tools like Auto-Tune which faced criticism in their early days, but eventually found their place in the music industry,” he continued. “AI’s journey toward becoming a standard tool in music creation may follow a similar path, as artists and audiences alike adapt to this innovation.”

The survey also found that artists believe “songwriting and composition” to be the most useful areas to employ AI in their production process. “Research and inspiration” was the second most popular response. 

Other categories like “beat and rhythm creation,” “mastering” and more received roughly equal responses from surveyed musicians as the third most popular categories for which to use AI.

Check out the complete results of Pirate Studios’ AI survey here.

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