A New Dating App, Vinylly, Makes Matches Based On Music Compatibility

A brand new dating app called Vinylly is using music compatibility to match up users based on their tastes and preferences.

The app connects people through their music, looking at streaming habits, consumption, and preferential sounds. Users can also link their Spotify accounts, create and share playlists, and chat with others through music-based openers.

This past year, Vinylly saw more than 18,700 matches, 21,000 playlists viewed, and amassed more than 40,000 profile views.

App founder Rachel Van Nortwick said about the new technology, “Vinylly’s mission is backed by science. Connecting through music increases dopamine, oxytocin, and lowers cortisol.”

And the app may have something more than simple science going for it. Licensed psychotherapist Drew Newkirk said, “Your best and hardest moments are defined by the music you listened to during those dark or most triumphant times.”

He continues, “Now you meet a person who wasn’t there for most of that time and the only way to try to express how important those moments were is to tell the story and play the songs. Music helps us feel understood, which is why we put it in such high regard when we are selecting and deselecting significant others. If they don’t get the music, we start having a hunch they won’t get us.”

Inspired by: edmmaniac.com

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